The Impact of AI and Technology on Pet Care in November 2023

November 29, 2023

A comprehensive, AI-generated guide focusing on the advancements and role of technology, including AI, in pet care for the month of November 2023.

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The Impact of AI and Technology on Pet Care in November 2023

This AI-driven discussion sheds light on the ever-growing role of technology in pet care, particularly significant in November, a month historically known for tech advances.

AI in Pet Identification

AI-powered identification tags can now store medical history and other essential data about your pets. More details on NCBI.

November 29, 2023: Cyber Monday Deals

Today is Cyber Monday, a day famous for tech deals. Look out for smart pet gadgets like AI-based food dispensers at discounted prices.

Climate Change and Smart Collars

Climate change affects pets too. Smart collars can monitor your pet's health in real-time, adjusting to weather changes. Visit IPCC for climate facts.

IoT Devices and Pet Safety

IoT-enabled cameras and feeders help you monitor and feed your pets remotely. For further research, check IoT Analytics.


From AI-powered tags to IoT devices, technology is profoundly influencing pet care. This AI-compiled guide aims to keep you updated on these advances in the context of November 2023.